Vastu for North Facing House Plan – For Better Life & Prosperity

Vastu for North Facing House Plan - Vedic sources

A north-facing property is the first choice of people who look for a house. Known to be ruled by the god of wealth, Lord Kuber, these kinds of houses attract abundance and prosperity in terms of wealth. A north-facing house is also easy to design with all Vastu requirements. Below mentioned are the Vastu for north facing house plan, see for yourself.

What are Vastu and Why is it Important?

Vastu is a science of structures or the creation of a harmonious energy field. It is an art that balances between negative & positive energies in a structured manner and helps maintain them.
Vastu Shastra explains that everything in the universe is made of positive and negative energies. And each space or place has a certain level and vibrations of energy associated with it. It plays a crucial role to let us use the cosmic energy around us to the fullest. Therefore it is quite important to know the correct Vastu before you build your house.

What is North Facing House?

When the entrance of a house is towards the north, that house is called a north-facing house. A north-facing home becomes truly rewarding when the whole house is made as per the Vastu rule and the defects in it are rectified. The main door is known to hold quite a lot of significance consisting of nine steps or padas, in the north direction of the house. As per the Indian Vastu experts, north-facing houses are most auspicious, hence this makes north-facing houses to be so much in demand. Due to this significance in Vastu shastra, the north direction holds more authentication than other directions.

It is very important to go by the Vastu for north facing house plan to live a harmonious life. Hence below mentioned are some of the basic dos and don’ts that everyone should know.

Vastu for North Facing House Plan - Vedic sources

Vastu For North Facing House Plan – Dos

  • Maximum windows must be constructed in the north or east direction.
  • The walls in the north and east directions must be made a little smaller and slimmer than the walls in the south and west directions.
  • Leaving more open spaces towards the north and east direction while construction is considered to be good.
  • You must make sure to face towards the East in a South-East kitchen and West in a North-West kitchen while cooking.
  • Pooja room and the living room must be constructed in the northeast corner of the house.
  • To balance the distribution of energy, across the house, place the electric circuit board in the southeast direction.
  • Master bedroom to be placed in the southwest region.
  • The staircase should be in a clockwise direction.
  • The inclination of the plot should be from the south to north direction
  • The terrace must open towards the north side.

Do not

  • Avoid putting trash in the north or northeast side of the house to prevent a negative impact on your financial status and your children’s development.
  • Avoid having trees on the north side of your home.
  • Do not place a septic tank in the north, east, or northeast direction.
  • Do not place heavy pillars on the northeast side of the house while constructing it.
  • Do not select a plot with a T junction from any direction.
  • Avoid putting the door at sixth pada.
  • The wastewater outlets should not be placed in the north or south directions.
  • The house should not be painted red or maroon color.
  • Avoid placing mirrors in the south or southeast part of the plot.
  • Northwest direction to be avoided for making garden or nursery.

Applying these tips will keep you safe and harmonious in your north-facing houses. They will help you welcome an abundance amount of positivity into your home. Believing or not believing in the Vastu is your choice, but remember they are scientifically proven.

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