Vastu For East Facing House Plan – Abundant Luck and Good Fortune

Vastu For East Facing House Plan - Vedic sources

Thinking to buy an east facing house according to the Vastu? Well, that’s not difficult. The most sought-after house plan is the north-facing. In the second comes the east-facing house plans. An east-facing house plan is one of the most prosperous and favored directions for house plans. What exactly is east facing house? If you are facing towards the east while coming out of your property, then that’s called an east-facing house plan. And Vastu is very necessary to keep in mind while building a house. Before getting to know the Vastu for east facing house plan, let’s first know what is Vastu and its importance.

What are Vastu and Why is it Important?

Vastu shastra whose literal meaning is the science of architecture has its origins in India. In Sanskrit, Vastu means ‘house’ and shastra means ‘science’ or ‘the study of something’. It incorporates traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. This Vastu shastra proves to be an ancient guide for the homes which brings positivity into it. It includes the directions, elements, and energies emanated by nature.
It is extremely important that the space in which we live has a pleasant environment; this is where Vastu comes into play. Vastu shastra aims in eliminating the negative vibrations and creates positive vibrations. A place which is set according to Vastu Shastra is believed to bring positivity, health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. Hence the occupants of the property are showered with growth and success in their lives.

Vastu For East Facing House Plan - Vedic Sources

East Facing House

The orientation of the house is the direction that you are facing when you are standing at the entrance of the house and if the direction you are facing is east, then you are having an east-facing house. Always keep this in mind, because people often get confused in the orientation and direction of the house. In the east-facing houses, the direction of the entrance door of the house is taken into important consideration. East-facing houses are believed to be more spacious and blessed with abundant luck and good fortune. Houses in the east are naturally taken to be the luckiest ones.

Vastu For East Facing House Plan – Dos

Although east-facing houses are considered to be very auspicious, they need to follow some rules. It is often said that east-facing spaces are best suitable for multi-storeyed apartments and buildings. And the east direction is not the best or the wisest choice for bungalows or individual spaces.

  • Plan the kitchen in the southeast or northwest direction.
  • Place the staircase in the south or north direction.
  • Keeping the salt in the blows is highly advisable as salt is a universal healer.
  • A living room in the northeast is known to bring luck and prosperity.
  • The best choice for the master bedroom is the northwest direction.
  • If there is a student present in your home, it is highly recommended to keep a crystal globe in the middle.
  • Make sure that the north and east directions should have shorter and thinner walls than the south and west walls.
  • One must face the east while cooking.
  • Balconies or free space in the east is the best decision as it will make sure that morning sun rays enter the house. This keeps you positive and energetic all day long.
  • Keep the slope from south to north.

Do not

  • Avoid building in the bedroom, toilets, and septic tanks in the northeast corner.
  • Avoid planting trees in the northeast direction.
  • You should make sure that no part is facing the mirror while you are sleeping, this leads to unhealthy lives.
  • The northeast should not be heavily packed.
  • No object should constrict the entrance.
  • Avoid northeast for garage positioning.
  • Avoid buying property, which is attached to the land in the south or west direction.
  • Avoid open space in the north and east direction.
  • Ensure that your entrance is not in the southeast or north-east, as these corners are considered to be unlucky for placing the main door in the east-facing property, according to Vastu.
  • Avoid building a kitchen in the northeast direction.

According to the Vastu, the Sun has considered the dominant force for any east-facing property. Very ideal for people in jobs linked to power, authority and overall elegance. The eastern direction also signifies creativity, agility, air, protection and focus. When doing up an east-facing room, make sure that it gets ample natural light every morning and use artificial light later on in the day as well. Colours like green, blue, light grey, aqua and light pink are great options. While some people believe in Vastu, some don’t. But Vastu is a science that has been set by ancient rishi. But in the end, it is totally up to your discretion if you choose to believe it or not.

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