Vastu For Kitchen – 7 Rules For Good Health and Wealth

Vastu Rules for Kitchen - Vedic Sources

In a household, the most important room is the kitchen. It is the place where the woman of the house spends most of her time. The kitchen room is very special as not any room can be used as a kitchen, it requires fire. The kitchen is represented by the fire element, hence having a well maintained, well placed, clean, and good kitchen will attract fire god into the house. Fire god, who is known to have the power to burn any negativity and fill the house with positive vibes, would turn out to be very beneficial for you. Therefore Vastu for kitchen becomes very essential and building a kitchen according to the principles of Vastu will ensure that positivity prevails in your house.

What is the Importance of Vastu for Kitchen?

  • According to Vastu, making a kitchen based on the principles of Vastu shastra will bring luck, contentment, wealth, and abundance to the family.
  • It will become the epicenter of joy and happiness and keep at bay the harmful vibrations and evil from the house.
  • It will keep your family safe from disputes like divorce, separation, etc.
  • The fire god associated with it will provide you with energy and strength.
  • To stay away from health-related issues like unwanted illness, untimely death, etc.
  • To stay away from financial losses like bankruptcy, deterioration, etc.

Scroll down to see the specifications of Vastu for Kitchen.

Vastu Rules for Kitchen - Vedic Sources

1. Direction of the kitchen

To ensure that your kitchen is always enveloped in positive energy and the elements of fire, water, sky, earth, and air all are balanced, Vastu shastra suggests placing the kitchen in the southeast corner of your house. This corner is considered to be the best because all the elements of fire are governed by this corner. In the absence of availability of this corner, the next best corner in the northwest corner.

2. Placement of The Gas Stove

The most important inside the kitchen is the gas stove must be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen. This will make sure that the person who is cooking is facing the east direction, which is the source of positive energy. The elements of the fireplace in this particular direction work the best that is the reason, it is advisable to cook facing the east side of the kitchen.

3. Placement of Washbasin

Water is an important factor present in the kitchen. It is used for cleaning, cooking, washing etc. Placing the washbasin in the right direction will ensure that the direction of the flow of water is good. So it is advised to place the washbasin in the northeast direction, away from the gas stove. As water and fire are repelling elements, it is best if they are kept away.

4. Placement of the Refrigerator

Placing the refrigerator in the southwest direction of the kitchen is considered to be the best. It will help maintain a peaceful environment in the kitchen and also help you overcome the obstacles in life. Also, ensure that the refrigerator is, at last, a foot away from the floor.

5. Storage in the Kitchen

If you are planning to make cupboards to store grains etc in the kitchen, they must be placed in the southwest direction. This will invite good luck and prosperity.

6. Keeping the Drinking Water

Many times aqua filters, earthen pots, water bottles, and other storage options are placed in the kitchen. For such purposes selecting the northeast, the direction is considered to be auspicious.

7. Colour of the kitchen

A kitchen must be spacious, clean, and bright as it will look amazing and fresh whenever a person enters the area. Thus choosing the colors for the kitchen becomes a huge task, as they can change the whole outlook of the place. One can always opt for warm and vibrant colors like green, red, yellow, chocolate brown, rose and orange, or even for a blend of two colors.

Some strict do not’s to be followed in case of Vastu for kitchen are:

  • The north, north-east, or south-west directions are just not right for the construction of your kitchen as they will drastically ruin the relationship between the family members.
  • Do not place the washbasin and gas stove on the same platform, being opposing elements they will negatively impact one’s behavior.
  • Avoid painting the kitchen black as they attract negativity.
  • Do not place the kitchen directly under the pooja room.
  • Avoid constructing the kitchen under the bathroom.
  • Keeping waste material and unwanted items in the kitchen must be avoided. This causes monetary and health issues in the family.

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