Vastu For Pooja Room – Do’s and Don’ts For Positivity

Vastu For Pooja Room - Do's and Don'ts For Positivity - Vedic Sources

Pooja room is the epicenter of radiating positive energy. All the other rooms of the house often draw positive energy and vibes from the pooja room. It creates an oose of positive aura to let you into a meditative state. It plays a very significant role in harnessing and spreading positivity throughout your house. Hence it is very necessary that you build your pooja room according to Vastu rules. So everyone must know the primary rules of Vastu for pooja rooms to have a prosperous and healthy family.

Below mentioned are some of the basic and important facts, in accordance with Vastu. Follow these rules of Vastu for pooja room when you build yours.

Vastu For Pooja Room - Vedic Sources

1. Direction According to Vastu for Pooja Room

Direction has an important role to play in harnessing positive energy. Hence the most ideal direction for building your pooja room is north-east, east, or north. According to Vastu shastra, the northeast direction propagates maximum energy from the Sun. Avoid placing the pooja room in the South.

2. Location According to Vastu for Pooja Room

The location of your pooja room is very crucial, as that defines its auspicious aura. Positioning the pooja room under a staircase or against a bathroom wall is considered to be inauspicious. Also, avoid placing the pooja room in the basement or upper floors of the house. Designing the pooja room on the ground floor of the house is highly recommended.

3. Direction of Idols According to Vastu for Pooja Room

Never place the idols against the wall. Idols must be a few inches away from the wall and must be placed at a height of 6 inches minimum from the ground. The idea behind keeping the idols away from the wall is to make sure there is continuous airflow around them. Also, make sure the idols don’t face each other or the door. Ideally, the idols can be located in the northeast direction. Also, you should not have multiple idols for the same God. And the idols placed must not be cracked or damaged, as it is considered to be inauspicious.

4. Mandir Design according to Vastu for Pooja Room

It is advised to have a low ceiling in the pooja room. A pyramid shape or gopura-like top helps to create a positive atmosphere. One door and two windows are considered ideal for a pooja room. And you must ensure that they should open towards the north or east. A small room with gopura celling adds symmetry to the room and hence will let you into a meditative state easily.

Vastu For Pooja Room

Vastu For Pooja Room – Image source

5. Storage According to Vastu for Pooja Room

The pooja room should not be unnecessarily crowded. Do not use the pooja room for storage purposes. The religious books, lamps, and other pooja-related items should always face towards the southeast with absolutely no storage above the idol. Nothing should obstruct the sunlight from coming in. Use of copper vessels in the pooja room is considered auspicious.

6. Colour According to Vastu for Pooja Room

One of the crucial parts of the pooja room is the color. You must make sure to use light colors like white, light blue, or light yellow to create a meditative atmosphere. Light colors help in keeping the space bright whereas dark and loud colors can be distracting while praying. You can also opt for white or pale yellow or ochre color marbles.

Some Basic Donts According To Vastu For Pooja Room

  • Do not put the pictures of the deceased in your pooja room.
  • Do not point your feet towards the mandir while you are sleeping.
  • Do not place the mandir in your bedroom.
  • Do not build your mandir in a dark corner.
  • Do not make pooja room of glass or acrylic.

Using these Vastu tips you can revamp your pooja room to lead a harmonious life.

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