Vastu For Home – Do’s and Don’ts For a Healthy and Prosperous Life

Vastu For Home - Do and Dont's - Vedic Sources

The foundation of Vastu Shastra dating back to the period of Mamuni Mayan, a mystical sage, who is believed to be the first author and creator of the Vastu. Being more than 5000 years old, Vastu Shastra is also known as the Indian science of architecture. It provides one with a descriptive version containing the do’s and don’ts while constructing the house. People also believe that it brings positivity to the home environment, increases the earning potential and ensures good health for those who live there. Therefore Vastu for home is quite important.

Vastu Shastra aims at drawing and concentrating positive cosmic energy in people’s lives so that they actually succeed in whatever they choose to do. Over the years, people have grown to use Vastu Shastra for leading a better life. They are now appreciating and understanding the concept. The people who are following the Vastu Shastra have complied a rule book of Vastu for home, which will lead to a happy and prosperous life. For bringing prosperity, health and success to one’s house, the teachings suggest to idolized the God of eight directions which are East, West, North, South, North-East, South-east, North-west, South-west.
Below are some tips for the rules of Vastu for home, according to Vastu, which will help you lead a healthy and happy life. There are tips about various rooms in your house, which you should know the best placements to get the maximum benefits.

Vastu For Home - Do and Dont's - Vedic Sources

1. Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

Vastu tips for pooja room are highly recommended because they are the epicentre of positive energy. They radiate good vibes to all other rooms. But we often see pooja rooms being sidelined for lack of space. However one should always make sure that there is a mandir at home, in the correct place, to keep the negative vibrations away.

  • Make sure to place your mandir in the north, east or north-east direction
  • Avoid placing the pooja room against a bathroom wall or under a staircase
  • If your house has floors, it’s best to have your mandir on the ground floor
  • Do not let the idols in the pooja room face each other
  • Do not put pictures of deceased members
  • Using copper vessels is considered auspicious
  • White, yellow and light blue are considered good Vastu colours for pooja rooms
  • Avoid storing other stuff in the pooja room
  • Ensure that you face north or east direction while praying
  • Do not place chipped or broken idols

2. Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Bedrooms are the place where one goes to relax after a strenuous day, hence Vastu for bedroom becomes very important. Vastu Shastra for the bedroom has gained a lot of priority and significance over the years. You have got positive energy while resting, to have a sound sleep and peace of mind.

Vastu For Home - Vastu Rules For Bedroom

  • A bedroom should be in the South-west corner of the home
  • Avoid bed alignment with any corner
  • Avoid sleeping with your legs towards the south
  • Make sure nobody part is visible in the mirror while sleeping in your bed
  • East and north walls are good for having windows
  • The bathroom door must always be kept close
  • Bedrooms should not be placed in the centre of your home
  • Grey, light rose, green, chocolate, blue colours are good for bedroom walls
  • Place your almirah/wardrobe in the south-west corner of a bedroom
  • A bathroom must not face the bed directly

3. Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Being an integral part of an Indian household and the source of a day’s long energy, every single thing placed in the kitchen is important and one must ensure that they are according to the principles of Vastu. It is believed that the kitchen is the best place to attain better health and improve one’s motivation.

  • Placement of the kitchen should be in the south-east direction of home
  • Shades of yellow, light pink, peach, brown are considered ideal
  • Avoid keeping the kitchen slab and utensils dirty overnight
  • It is advised that the cook must face east direction while cooking
  • The stove should be placed in south-east direction
  • The entrance should be in the East or west or north direction
  • Sinks and taps to be placed in north-east direction
  • Must have a couple of windows
  • Avoid placing the refrigerator in north-east direction
  • Avoid building the kitchen directly under or above the bedroom, pooja room or bathroom

4. Vastu Tips For Bathroom

As bathrooms are not given the right attention in comparison to other rooms, they tend to be a source of negative energy. Hence one should always put a little extra effort and make the bathrooms as per the Vastu guidelines. According to Vastu experts, one should adhere to the rules of precise cleanliness especially in the place where you bathe and clean yourself daily.

  • A bathroom should be construed in the north-west direction of home
  • Keep the bathroom door closed every time, to not let negative energy pervade your home
  • Avoid metal doors as it fosters negativity
  • Washbasin and shower must be in north or east or north-east direction
  • Toilet seat should be in north or north-west direction
  • Avoid sharing the bathroom wall with a bed, to prevent nightmares
  • Shades of brown, beige, cream or other earthy shades are considered ideal
  • Avoid the south-east or south-west corner of the room for attached bathrooms
  • Never share a bathroom wall with kitchen or pooja room
  • For mirrors use north or east wall

These are some of the basic tips you should keep in mind. The Vastu for home is a crucial part which must not be neglected while construction, to prevent any negative energy affect you.

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