Vastu For West Facing House – Rules You Shouldn’t Ignore

Vastu for west facing house - Vedic Sources

Wondering what’s a west-facing house? Simple, stand in front of the main door of the house and face the door. Now if you are facing the west direction then you are having a west facing house. It often believed that north and west facing houses are not good because they attract bad luck. But with the help of Vastu for west facing house, you can solve this problem. Vastu shastra does not claim that west-facing houses are inauspicious. The principles of Vastu will help you set up a good west facing house.

Advantages of West Facing House

  • West facing houses provides warmth and glow of the evening till very late as compared to other direction facing houses.
  • It is also believed that bring more wealth and prosperity and you will have good social relations.
  • These houses are considered especially good for ideal for people who are politicians, business owners, teachers, and religious leaders.
  • They also bring happiness and excitement and hence are good for young people.

Vastu for west facing house - Vedic Sources

Specific Principles of Vastu for West Facing Houses

1. Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms are for the elders of the family who run the household. Hence placing the master bedroom in the southwest direction is considered to be auspicious as it brings understanding between the partners. For the houses with many floors, placing the master bedroom on the highest floor is s supposed to bestow your home with success, harmony and blessings from ancestors.

2. Children Bedroom

As children are full of energy and excitement, placing their bedroom in the south, west or north-west direction is considered to be good. The door of their room must face east or north direction while wardrobe must be in south or west direction.

3. Guest Bedrooms

These are those rooms which aren’t used much. But is it always considered to be safe to have the construction according to the Vastu. Placing the guest bedroom in the northwest or southern direction is ideal.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen must be placed in the southeast or southern direction while constructing a west-facing house. You must make sure that your kitchen counter with a cooktop faces the east as it is best to face east while cooking.

5. Living Room

It is best if your living room faces the east, north or northeast. A north-west facing living room will also be good. It is also advised to place any heavy pieces of furniture in the west or south-west direction of the room.

6. Placement of Windows

Placing the windows in the north and east directions of the house will ensure that there is a constant flow of energy into your house.

7. Toilets

It is an important task to decide the location of the bathroom according to the Vastu. The bathroom is the place where all the human wastes accumulate and get out of the house. Therefore it is the place with extreme negative energies and must be constructed according to the Vastu rules. The ideal direction for the placement of bathroom can be southwest of the northwest direction.

8. Colours of the walls

The ideal colors for west-facing houses are white, silver, yellow, and beige, according to the principles of Vastu. These colours are neutral tones, and they are perfect for households that want to focus on enhancing positive energy coming from the west. However, if the house is spread more towards the west than any other direction, then, a light shade of blue can also be considered, to get more benefits of the west direction.

Don’ts for West Facing Houses

  • Do not place any dustbins or broken furniture near the main entrance.
  • No guest bedroom in a southwest direction.
  • In west-facing homes, the kitchen should never be positioned in the southwest of the house.
  • Similarly, never place the water motors, pumps, or bore wells in the southwest of the home.
  • Avoid placing bathrooms in the northwest or southwest direction to avoid financial issues in the house.
  • There should not be any obstructions on the west side of the house, to let maximum light enter your house.
  • Avoid the combination of too many bright colors.
  • Avoid buying a plot that is higher in the north than in the south. However, a plot that slopes from south to north is considered auspicious.
  • Avoid an uneven number of doors and windows in your house.

With these basic tips for your west-facing house, you can have a Vastu Shastra approved house which will only bring happiness to your family. These principles will transform your west facing house into a house filled with positive energy.

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