3 Types of Meditation From Vedic Scriptures

These are the types of ancient vedic meditation for the Mind, Body and Soul.

3 Types of Meditation From Vedic Scriptures - Vedic Sources

Meditation and healing go hand in hand. Meditation is not just a way to calm yourself but also the path to find one’s true self. There are various types of meditation one can perform. Most of us are only aware of the basic types of meditation and Asanas but there is much more to it than we see on the surface. The poses and postures we see and learn in today’s world are an evolved version of something pure and original. This raw posture and meditation have the power to unleash our full potential. It can help us to step out of our comfort zone and push past all our boundaries. Dhyana or Meditation is one of the most potent things known to mankind that can help them to emerge victoriously.

3 Types of Meditation - Vedic Sources

Vedic Meditation is the original form of meditation that we were telling you about. Described in the ancient Vedas written by ancient Gurus and Yogis, Vedic Meditation is a true gift to mankind. In layman’s term, Meditation = Dhyana = the full Concentration of a person, both on self and his surroundings. This practice was passed down to thousands of generations before it reached us. Each generation made some modifications to the methods and process of Dhyana according to what those people felt right. And what we got was a simplified and convenient method that is taught around the world.

Considering the pros of practicing Vedic meditation we are delighted to tell you that it not only has the benefits to help a person achieving inner peace but also the medicinal benefits. The person who regularly practices this art can have a long and healthy life.

One can lower their stress levels, cholesterol levels, and even their high blood pressure with the help of Vedic Meditation. Apart from the above medical conditions, it keeps various ailments away from you. One can get an increased and strong immunity level which has become a necessity in the current times.

Now, that you know the benefits of Vedic Meditation, let’s focus on the various types of it.

Chakra Meditation

Types of Meditation - Chakra Meditation

The main focus of Chakra Meditation is to help your soul connect with the seven prominent chakras of your body. People in ancient times had a strong connection with themselves and their surroundings. They had powers which the people living in the current day cannot even imagine. Why was it that those people were so stronger than us?

Types of Meditation - Vedicsources

The answer is simple; they had a sense of balance. They were able to concentrate on a number of tasks and fair well in all of them without breaking a sweat. It was because they had their full potential with them at all times.

Open the Third Eye, Open your World

In this type of Vedic Meditation, a person needs to in a calming setting. It could be your lawn, balcony, anywhere outdoors, or even in the comforts of your matter. Each person has a different calming space; all you need is to find yours.

A calming space is such an area where you find peace when you are present there or even when you think about it.

Once you have discovered the space, you need to sit down in a Yoga Mudra (position) and close your eyes. You need to concentrate on the area between your eyebrows. It is mentioned in the Vedas that, if a person wants to increase their concentration powers and increase their memory levels they need to practice this Vedic Meditation at least one time a day for 15-20 minutes.

If you have a job that requires a lot of mental work, this meditation should definitely be done by you. It also helps you in relaxing and letting go of your stress and decrease your anxiety levels.

The Eternal Sound: Om

Types of Meditation - Vedicsources

It is said that, when there was nothing, there was Om and when there will be nothing, there will be Om. It is the sound of the universe. Some mentions in the ancient texts say that the mere vibration of the word is enough for a person to get instant relief.  This Mantra can be used by anyone at any time. It will surely help them in increasing their concentration levels and reducing stress levels.

You can either chant this mantra in your mind or out loud as per your desire while you are meditating. The chant of Om is one of the easiest and most efficient Vedic Meditation of all times.

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