How To Wear A Tulsi Mala and Its Benefits

Tulsi Mala Benefits

Tulsi (Ocimum) is considered very auspicious and sacred in Hindu Dharma. It is also known as the Holy Basil and it has aroma which is purely sacred and is believed to be spiritual in origin with healing properties. It is one of the most cherished and worshiped plant in India. It’s beads are formed into beads on string called “Tulsi mala” which is worn, worshiped and used to worship various deities in Hindu mythology.

Tulsi plant owing to it’s sacred nature is planted in household at the Brahmasthan, the center of pure and divine energies in a house. It radiates energies all around it which removes negativities and evils from the surrounding. Women worship and offer flower and water to it every day to get blessings from Goddess Tulsi, the one whose personification is Tusi plant. Tulsi mala is worn by people who spend their time in worshiping.

Tulsi Mala

In Hindu mythology Goddess Tulsi is said to be an avatar (incarnation) of Goddess Laxmi who is the wife of Lord Vishnu. This is the reason why Tulsi is most often offered to Lord Vishnu, in fact worship of Lord Vishnu is considered incomplete without Tulsi. It is considered a way to Vaikuntha (heaven), the home of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth in Dvapara Yuga and hence tulsi is also offered to him while worshiping.

Tulsi plant is kept outside the house mostly as along with being religiously important it is also a good absorbent of toxic gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and many more keeping the environment fresh and pure.

According to legends Lord Vishnu granted Tulsi a boon that whoever offers her to Lord Vishnu, all of his/her wishes are granted by him. Tulsi mala is a symbol of peace and health. Ayurveda suggests that wearing a Tulsi mala has health benefits. Beads in Tulsi mala are made from wood of the plant from different plant parts like stem and root which are then dried and given the desired shape to fit into the string forming the mala.

There are two types of Tulsi malas in Hindu Dharma – Rama Tulsi and Shyam Tulsi. While Rama Tulsi is bright green in colour, Shyam Tulsi is slightly purple in colour.

Benefits Of Wearing Tulsi Mala

  • Tulsi is known for it’s ayurvedic properties of healing diseases like cold, flu, asthma and throat infections. Original Tulsi mala is known to be beneficial in maintaining kidney health and reducing blood cholesterol and blood pressure and thereby keeping blood related problems away.
  • Tulsi mala is proved to be beneficial in keeping the mind connected to body and proper coordination among them making our daily life easier and our actions decent. It keeps our mind stress free thus enabling us to control emotions such as anger, ego and disrespect.
  • Tulsi mala is known to radiate divine energies which keeps us away from negative influences thus protecting our body and soul from evil energies.
  • Garuda purana mentions that whoever wears Tulsi mala, Lord Vishnu reside near him and protect him.
  • It is known to avoid death and other health injuries like accidents and weapons by keeping one away from Yamaraj, the Lord of Death.
  • It also gives protection from bad dreams, fears, ghosts, black magic and evil eyes.
  • It helps achieve heaven after life and protects from bad karmas.

Rules To Remember Before Wearing Tulsi Mala-

  • Before wearing Tulsi mala present it before Lord Vishnu. Then it is purified with Pancah Gavya and the Moola mantra is recited. We have to recite Gayatri mantra eight times followed by Sadyojata mantra and finally we have to thank goddess Tulasi and request her to bring us closer to Lord Vishnu and get his blessings.
  • The rules regarding wearing Tulsi mala are described in Padma Purana. One has to wear his Tulsi mala all the time especially during worshiping and is not to be removed. One has to chant the Rosary daily after wearing it. Do not wear the same Tulsi mala used for chanting. Have separate ones for wearing and chanting. Do not wear other’s mala.
  • Do not cross over the Tulsi mala. There are 108 beads in a tulsi mala used for chanting mantras. When you finish chanting don’t repeat the 109th time along the same manner, reverse the manner (in the reverse direction) in which you were chanting earlier. Always cover the mala with a cloth during chanting.
  • While wearing the Tulsi mala eat only satvik food, the food free from onion, garlic and meat.
  • Do not involve in things which hinder you from your path of devotion such as gambling, intoxication with pan, gutkha, cigarette, coffee, tea etc. do not get involved in non illicit sex.
  • Keep the Tulsi mala in clean and proper place or near the worshiping place when you are not wearing it.

Wearing Tulsi mala is a very great decision but always follow the rules to get the desired effect and blessings.

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