100+ Stunning Lord Vishnu Images

Lord Vishnu Image

Lord Vishnu is a Hindu god, one of the three principal deities of Hinduism. As per Hinduism, Lord Vishnu is considered as the Protector. Lord Vishnu is a member of the holy trinity along with Brahma and Shiva. Lord Vishnu appears on earth in various avatars to fight demons and establish Dharma on the Earth.

We have combined together several Lord Vishnu images in various avatars available on the internet. Take a look.

Lord Vishnu Images

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The First Avatar: Matsya Avatar

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The Second Avatar: Kurma Avatar

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The Third Avatar: Varaha (The Boar)

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The Fourth Avatar: Narasimha (The Man-Lion)

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Vamana (The Dwarf)

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Parashurama (The Lumberjack)

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