5 Simple Ways You Can Awaken Your Psychic Powers

Sixth sense, Intuition, Inner voice, Gut feeling, Déjà vu, Premonitions, and Psychic abilities are some of the names you have heard at point of your life. People assume that these things either don’t exist or if they do they are found in only special people. The latter can be the case but not fully. We all have some amount of psychic powers within ourselves. Most of the people think attaining the power of intuition is some rocket science, the truth be told it’s quite simple.

Psychic Powers

Have you had a bad feeling when you just met a person? Like your inner voice tells you the said person gives negative vibes? You may think that you are being overly worried, you don’t even know the person to judge them but sometime later, the said person does something bad and you feel like it was just a coincidence. My friend that was your psychic speaking. It is commonly assumed that your sixth sense can only hint at something negative, the statement can be easily contradicted by the good feeling you get while you start something new and the results are in your favor.

Your psychic works in both positive and negative conditions. It’s up to us how well we listen to that inner voice. Psychic people are considered to be more intuitive, socially aware, and perceptive of other’s feelings and their environment. They can successfully read people for the better.

If you wish to strengthen this power and become a small superhero here are the 5 simple ways through which you can awaken your psychic powers: –

1. Connect With Yourself:

To connect with other’s feelings it is important you first connect with yours. A good psychic power can be awakened only if a person is true with his/her own feelings and thoughts. One should focus on their feelings, learn to accept yourself, establish control over the negative quirks, and develop the positive ones. Ego, negligence, pride, envy, greed, and competitiveness are some of the most common negative traits people have. A person who has control over these can easily awaken their psychic powers.

2. Aromatherapy:

The smell is one the greatest strength of mankind. People associate various scents to different feelings, places, and even their calmness. There are various scent essential oils available in the market that can help you calm your senses and get a clear surface to your inner self. Flavors like rose, jasmine, lily, sandalwood, and lemongrass are some of the popular scented essential oils. You can spill a few drops on your handkerchief, bath, or even in your bedroom to get a calming aura whenever you require.

3. Cut Off The Negativity:

The first step towards self-discovery is to cut out the negativity. You need to develop a routine that encourages you to be more productive, energetic, and which will help you grow. Follow it and you’ll see the magic happening within a few weeks. You can also use the help of some important herbs that help speed up the cleansing process. An overall result you’ll get after applying these methods in your life is the increased inner strength and the power to listen to your thoughts.

5 Simple Ways You Can Awaken Your Psychic Powers - Vedic sources

4. Meditate:

Do you know the secret of the calmness of the ancient sages and saints? Meditation. It has the power to change your life drastically without doing much and in a positive way. Daily meditation for 10 to 15 minutes can increase your concentration level, gives you a clear and focuses mind, helps you understand your own feelings which helps you to understand others. This will result in a more awaken psychic powers and you’ll automatically listen to your inner voice. There are different courses and apps which help you in meditating systematically.

5. Positivity Is The Key:

If you remain positive in gloomy situations it becomes easy for you to search for the solution. Positive people are found to be more creative, emotionally mature, and brighter on all levels. Negativity is not going to solve your problems but it will actually increase your stress levels. Being negative will take a toll both on your mental as well as physical health. Studies have found that unhappy people are more likely to have a lower immune system making them vulnerable to illness. If you have a clear head and a clean heart you can easily concentrate on your gut instinct and awaken your psychic powers.

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